Hi, I’m Sophia

Hello I’m Sophia, one of your friendly neighbourhood bloggers.



I am cheerfully semi-competent in a variety of crafts. Since I was a little kid I’ve had a tendency to have a bash a various crafty activities from candle making to woodwork. For my GCSEs I insisted on doing Resistant Materials (woodwork, metalwork and plastics) rather than Textiles or Food Tech, both of which I could have done much much easier, because I was cross at the gender assumptions made by the teachers.

At the moment, I am rather fond of patchwork and quilting although I’ll happily play around with pretty much any craft except knitting. Knitting and crochet are the two crafts that I simply don’t get on with. The lovely lady who managed the Oxfam shop where I volunteered tried to to teach me but I’ve never got past resentfully asking other people to sort out my dropped stitches.

Thanks to Sophie blagging all the necessary materials, I’m working on some mosaic mirrors, I’m making some Christmas presents for my family (yay, organised!) and working on some quilts.


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