Helen’s craft resolutions

Hi guys, I’m Helen.  You may also find me here, but only occasionally 🙂

Helen doesnt dress like this in day to day life.

Helen doesn't dress like this in day to day life.

I love to knit, sew, do papier maché, and just make stuff.  I also paint, draw, write, make things from duct tape, and in my spare time, I have a job working with people with learning disabilities.  It occurs to me I’d’ve probably liked woodwork if we’d had more than one teacher who was any good at school…

Tidying my room this evening, moving vast amounts of yarn, cardboard, various tools and utensils, brushes, many carrier bags and it occurs to me I should make a number of craft resolutions that might just get me out of this mess.  Hopefully they’ll be instructive, or at least amusing…

  1. Don’t buy any more yarn.  At all.  More yarn and I will probably drown to a woolly demise.
  2. Don’t buy any more notebooks.  I know this resolution is to no avail because I invariably find myself without a notebook when I desperately need one, but hopefully this will prevent my ill-constructed Wilkinson’s shelving unit from collapsing before its time.*
  3. Find craft projects that involve recycling carrier bags.
  4. And carry a ready supply of carrier bags in every handbag/shoulderbag I own.
  5. In fact, don’t buy anything ever.  Possibly I should consider selling things instead.
  6. Definitely don’t buy any new stitch holders.  If there’s a more pernicious way of persuading me to abandon a knitting project to start a new one, it’s those damned clever stitch holders.
  7. Finish projects that I’ve started.  I’ll see you all in seven years…

* To be fair, I’ve had the shelving unit for nearly two years, which is probably already extending its natural life by one year, eleven months and three weeks.


One response to “Helen’s craft resolutions

  1. Glad the blog has got going! Hope you have fun…and achieve some of those resolutions!

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