Shelter Card quilt

Shelter is a pretty cool housing rights charity. They’re organising a fundraising art auction based on the idea that the entire housing market seems as fragile as a house of cards.

The housing market is as fragile as a house of cards

The housing market is as fragile as a house of cards

A friend has been asked to produce a piece of artwork on the ‘Two of Hearts’ and they’re asking for lots of people to submit playing card designs of the two of hearts with which to make a pseudo quilt. Check out here for the design brief and this facebook event for some of the designs so far.

I’m planning on joining in. So far all I’ve done is sketch out an idea and gather the fabric I plan on using. It’s gonna be very bright and the level of detail will depend on how distracted I am in the coming week. Please feel free to take part and submit something to the open brief because Shelter is a great cause. Or just check out their website.


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  1. dalekslovecrafting

    By the way, if someone can explain to me how to make hyperlinks work properly in wordpress, I’d appreciate it. Ta.

  2. dalekslovecrafting

    There’s a rather lovely “link” button you can click on when using the “Add new post” page. Just enter your web address in the window when it asks you to.

    Or if you want to get technical, use the HTML tab when posting and type <a href=””>Google</a> – replacing and Google with your web address and the word you want to link.

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