Button skirt!

Skirt with Buttons

Home-made skirt, with buttons.

Hiya folks, it’s Helen. It was Christmas recently (you know, in case you didn’t notice). I took my sewing machine down south with me and decided to sew a skirt there, however I didn’t quite measure it right. Sigh. Luckily thanks to Bombay Stores practically giving the stuff away, I had loads more material, so I made another one. I didn’t buy more buttons though. Those were expensive!

My Grandma got me a cunning little gadget for making bias binding, I used it instead of hemming on the top and the bottom. On reflection, I probably should have used some thinner fabric for this as it would’ve creased better and probably would have been neater, but I was caught up in the moment and decided to use what I had instead. Things happen that way when I’m sewing 🙂

Here it is on me, Sophia took the picture and I wanted to show off all the buttons so I tucked my top in, which I don’t usually as, as you can see, it makes my boobs look enormous!

Helen wearing skirt with buttons

Me, in the skirt with buttons on it.


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