Pointless tutorial. Hooded sock gloves.

Guten Tag! Es ist Helen!

Did you know that the German for glove is Handschuh, literally Hand-shoe?

Did you care?

So I couldn’t find my gloves and decided that I wanted to make a funky new pair from stripy socks.

A pair of socks

Aren’t they lovely? And only 99p. Thank goodness for that.

Sock on hand

Put the sock onto your hand, so the elasticated bit is around your wrist. Use the stripes to measure where the fingers will start. In this case, after the second black stripe up.

Ends of sock

So this is the bottom bit of your glove. You can put it on your hand…

End of sock on hand

…But it won’t do you much good as yet. Or later, either, but you might as well continue…

Sew the cut edges of the sock with zigzag stitch on the sewing machine…

Sock-ends on sewing machine.

Except really don’t. It’ll stretch the fabric and won’t be at all attractive, see?

Sock with bad hemming, and hole for thumb.

And of course, cut the hole for the thumb. You can finish this on a sewing machine too, it doesn’t matter ’cause you’ve already ruined it.

Then cut the toe off to serve as a hood, hem it (don’t use the machine, or like me, you’ll end up having to sew a dart in it) and sew it to the back of the glove, like so…

Sock glove with hood.

This means you can have your fingers free, but put it up when cold, like this:

Hood up on the sock glove!

It’s a bit like a convertible, but without the sex appeal. Make sure you have the seam on the toe near your fingernails, not your fingertips, as it’s quite annoying if you get it the wrong way round, especially if you only do this on one glove. Trust me, I should know.

Now finally sew up the finger holes, so that the top open bit of the glove sits snugly (“like a glove”) on your fingers rather than flapping around unattractively. Don’t do this while wearing the glove. I did, but I don’t want to be sued because you unintentionally stabbed yourself. Or intentionally.

Now they may be called "gloves"

Finally, put the hood up.

I sense an obvious flaw here...

And you know, so long as you don’t mind cold thumbs, there you have an attractive pair of hooded sock gloves.

I, luckily, found my old pair of gloves and have been wearing them instead.


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