Too, too much fun.

Helen in purple skirt.

It’s Helen again, with another skirt!  So I made some little tutu skirts for work (no pictures, sorry!) and decided they were awesome, and surprisingly quick to make.  You just need netting (one rectangular piece about twice your waist measurement wide, and as long as you like, or two rectangular pieces about your waist measurement wide and as long as you like) and elastic about 5-10mm thick (about your waist measurement).  Sew the short sides of the rectangle(s) together and then fold over the top about 20mm (2cm) and sew about 15mm in so that you make a tube all around the top.  Then cut a small hole where the back will be, and thread the elastic all the way round, gathering as you go, until both ends are sticking out the hole.  You can then tie these so they are nice and snug (you can sew the ends of the elastic too, but make sure you try it on first, because you don’t want it to be too loose).

Netting doesn’t need hemming as it doesn’t fray, but I’d recommend using zig-zag stitch while sewing it as I found my thread kept breaking when I sewed straight!

If you want a skirt that is a bit less revealing (I’d obviouslyrecommend wearing a netting skirt over trousers, leggings or very opaque tights), you can use opaque material underneath.

I decided that I wanted a tutu-style skirt, and because I wanted to just wear it over tights, I made it about 50cm long, and used purple satin-like material to line it. I sewed zigzag stitch on the edges of the satiny material to stop it fraying but I didn’t bother hemming it, I thought it looked all right without! Now I want to make some fairy wings, and go about either granting wishes or causing mischief. Preferably the latter.


One response to “Too, too much fun.

  1. We are dainty little fairies, ever singing ever dancing…

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