We’re a group of three housemates in the UK who go by the names of Sophs, Sophia and Helen. We also have another member of our house who isn’t a crafty inclined sort of person so you probably won’t hear much from them.

We’re into a variety of crafty type activities: patchwork, quilting, mosaic, and painting being the ones that first come to mind. Two of us are vegetarians so we’ll probably be posting some tasty meat-free recipes. We’re also novice gardeners, growing veg for the second year running now. Oh and we have a cat called Polly who will probably appear on occasion.


One response to “About

  1. Hi Helen (and Sophie & Sophs),

    Thanks for the link – it’s looking fab so far!

    I’ve been facepainting at a children’s party today and watering my herbs, tomatoes and potatoes in pots in the garden, so a little crafty. My ongoing project at the moment is still knitting legwarmers (which to be honest is a bit boring), looking forward to finishing them, then having a go at wrap-over cardigans, socks and back to funky hats.

    Speak soon

    Coll x

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