Hannah’s Quilt

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I’m working on a quilt for my middle sister, the fabric is Makower Butterfly on cream and I love it – It’s bright and cheerful and dream to work with, the large butterfly print is brilliant for fussy cutting, although I don’t often do so. I have for one of the patches, but I’ve not for most of it.

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These are the blocks that I’ve made so far, I keep on getting distracted so haven’t done too many. I have made a baby quilt in the meantime, and have been working on quilting on my mother’s quilt – but I keep breaking needles whilst stippling. It’s very annoying.

Hannah's Quilt


Handquilting, on a coach

The first quilt I ever made was a handquilted star lap quilt for my grandmother’s Christmas present. It was a year when I managed to make handmade presents for everyone:chutney for my uncle, a cushion for my sister, matching wristwarmers for my parents, a scarf for my cariad etc. I was almost organised enough to have everything made in time, but not quite. I ended up finishing off sewing my sister’s present on the coach and doing frantic stitch-in-the-ditch quilting on Christmas Eve.

One thing I learned however, is that sewing is a surprisingly good activity for doing on the coach. I read so fast that I can never carry enough books, travel games are silly and looking at the scenery only works in daylight. This weekend I’m travelling to Belgium by coach which will take a good 15 hours each way so I’ll need something to keep myself entertained.

I’m looking for a quilting project that will be nice to do by hand. I plan to choose and cut the fabric before I leave, and just do stitching on my journey. I don’t want it too fiddly as that way I’m in danger of losing crucial scraps of fabric on the coach. On the other hand, I don’t want long boring stretches of plain stitching. I’ll let you know what I choose, suggestions very welcome.


Sophs managed to wangle us a bunch of mosaic materials (I’m sure she’ll post how she did it at some point) and here are my first attempts.

landscape large

Here’s my landscape, which I actually quite like and is now up on my wall. We don’t have a more precise way of cutting the pieces than wrapping them in newspaper and smashing with a hammer so getting sufficiently small and appropriately shaped pieces was a little tricky. The mirror backing means it makes lovely reflections when the light hits it.

I also made this boat mosaic but I’m not so keen on it.

boat large

Introducing Polly


This is Polly. We got her from the RSPCA a few months ago and she’s absolutely adorable. She’s an indoor cat (she is a cat flu carrier and has a ‘wobbly back end’) but she does a good line in escapes. Our whole street got in on the drama when she managed to escape out of a third floor window.

The thing she’s cuddling in the picture below is a sock Cthulu. Sophs and Helen had a sock monkey making session and Sophs decided to bring together her two loves: crafting and science fiction. Cute huh?

Polly and Cthulu

Shelter card quilt part two

Hey, Sophia here. I’m back from a very exhausting but very lovely Glastonbury festival (Madness, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Blur in the same 4 hours!). Just thought I’d post a quick update before getting back to blogging properly. Before I left for Glasto I finished sewing my entry for Amelia’s Shelter Card quilt. It looks rather simple (especially compared to some of the other awesome entries) but I think I still like it.

two of hearts

two of hearts


Hiya, it’s Helen again. Just wanted to update with some skirts!

I like making skirts. In fact I like making skirts more than wearing them 🙂

Firstly, this is a pink cord wraparound skirt I made. Really must get a better picture. It was the first skirt I made for myself (see below for the first skirt I made ever). I spent ages carefully measuring my waist, the back of my waist, the front of my waist, my bum, etc. The nice thing about a wraparound skirt is if you discover, as I did, that it’s a bit too big, it’s simple to take in… And also has plenty of give to let out! I put poppers onto each end to secure it, with a velvet ribbon for decorative purposes.

Secondly, this is a skirt made from a patterned gauze type material I found at a local textile shop. I used white polycotton for the lining. The design was quite simple, if I’d only thought to draw myself a diagram beforehand, it would have been really quick. As it was, I forgot what I was doing part way through and ended up unpicking. Oh well 🙂 The main skirt bit was made from two rectangles, with three darts added to each for shaping. I made a skirt from the gauze and a skirt from the white material and sewed them together, leaving a gap to sew the zip in. I even used the finished edge of the material for the bottom edge of the skirt so I didn’t have to hem it. The waistband was a folded strip of polycotton with interfacing. I’ve got some orange gauze and some black polycotton which I want to make into a skirt when I have the time and the inclination…

My skirt.  And my feet.  Yeah, the skirt needs ironing.

My skirt. And my feet. Yeah, the skirt needs ironing.

And here's me wearing it.

And here's me wearing it.

Finally, here is the first skirt/dress I ever made. But not for me, though thankfully it was for a woman who has about the same waist measurements… It was for a production of the Wizard of Oz. I started with loads of give because I was paranoid I’d make it too small. I made an underskirt in white, which I made first just to make sure I had the right size. I didn’t give it a proper waist band, just sewed around some gingham ribbon to make the edges look neat. I also used gingham ribbon for the shoulder straps.  I got Dorothy to try it on at every opportunity in the making!


Clanger-themed post…

ClangerHi Folks, it’s Helen again. Apparently Sophia didn’t want to be the only person posting.  Browsing my profile pics on facebook, Sophia suggested posting about my “Womble”.

Once I’d picked myself up off the floor, I explained that this is in fact a Clanger, that I knitted, mostly, from the 1972 Clanger knitting pattern. The ears are pointy rather than mouse-like. I’m not sure why but I rather like them. So far, the Clanger’s name is Clanger, rather originally. If you want to watch The Clangers, try YouTube . It’s fabulous 🙂

On the subject of Clangers, a survey of three of my landlady’s children conluded that this is the best picture in my bedroom at the moment.