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Single Irish Chain

Sophia and sister with quilt

There are a limited number of quilts than one can really use. No really, there is a limit! In the interests of not overloading myself with soft furnishings I decided I should probably start making quilts for other people sooner rather than later. I asked around to see who amongst my family might be interested in receiving a quilt. My mother is definitely out, she has a very minimalist style and will almost certainly never want anything patchwork. My sister luckily was keen.

I didn’t plan quite far enough ahead for Christmas. I would have had loads of time to make a complicated quilt if it wasn’t for the fact that I was leaving for the Copenhagen protests two weeks before Christmas. Nine patch time!

Her bedroom at uni is all in black and white so I thought I should make something that fitted into the monochrome theme. Two packs of charm patches and one white sheet later, we have a quilt.

My family were impressed and she seems to like it which is the important thing.

Sister with the quilt

Please note the newspaper chains at the top of the image, made at the request of my mother.