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Sock Monkeys! At last!

Sock monkeys. Don’t thank me, thank Wikihow!

Pinky and Wonky

I made Wonky first, overstuffed him and made his head all, well, wonky. Then I made Pinky, understuffed and also slightly wonky. Then I made two much nicer ones for my nephew. They’re called Spinky and Sponky. Shut up, Sophia, they are!

Sophie took the picture, I think, or possibly I did. Anyway, you can tell it’s Sophie’s camera because there’s actual image quality.


Introducing Polly


This is Polly. We got her from the RSPCA a few months ago and she’s absolutely adorable. She’s an indoor cat (she is a cat flu carrier and has a ‘wobbly back end’) but she does a good line in escapes. Our whole street got in on the drama when she managed to escape out of a third floor window.

The thing she’s cuddling in the picture below is a sock Cthulu. Sophs and Helen had a sock monkey making session and Sophs decided to bring together her two loves: crafting and science fiction. Cute huh?

Polly and Cthulu