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Projects Round Up

So, I’m just back from my holiday (I took part in this year’s Camp for Climate Action in London) and am in that end-of-the-holidays-back-to-school-new-start kinda mood. I spent yesterday cleaning and tidying and baking but I’m still in a really domestic mood so it looks like today’s activities will include sewing. There are quite a few projects that I’m working on at the moment and I think it would be helpful for me to list them in an effort to force myself to complete some old projects before starting new ones.


Black and White Mod Sampler

Both Sophs and I are making a version of Oh Fransson’s Mod Sampler. Sophs is pastel colours with white sashing whereas mine is black and white with grey sashing. My first attempt at machine quilting was a bit of a distaster (luckily the recipient really likes things to look ‘handmade’, aka a bit shonky) so I’m a bit worried about ruining this quilt. The flimsies look great but I’ve been putting off sandwiching and quilting. Stippling is off the cards so I’m currently choosing between a grid pattern and ‘random’ all-over curved lines. I really need to buy some batting and just get on with it.

Metallic String Quilt

Ashley over at Film in the Fridge has been making a lot of versions of her Kaleidoscope string quilt and I can really understand why. I’m a fair way through my take on it using a jelly roll with gold metallics on various colours and patterns, with a dark beigey, creamy colour as the constant thread running through. In all of hers the pattern runs right to the edge but I think I’m going to have to give mine a border in order to get it to thr right size for my bed. I have 2 blocks left to do, then sewing the clocks together, adding the border and piecing the back before I even think about quilting it.

Christmas Block Swap

Yay, our first ever block swap. Sophs and I are really excited about it (Hellie didn’t have a chance to get her blocks done before she left on holiday. I can’t wait to see what we get sent. I’m planning on making some more blocks myself as we only signed up for a six block swap. Here’s what some people’s blocks are looking like. I’m trying to decide what to make with our bloacks when we get them.

Other craft projects

Rag rug place mats

I’ve posted about these before. They’re intended as a Christmas present so I’ve got a while yet to finish them. So far I’ve done two blue and one black, or maybe the other way around. Either way I need to make one more.

Handquilted trivets

These just need binding so it’s a little ridiculous that I haven’t finished them yet.

Beach Houses patchwork picture

I took these to Belgium and to London but I’m still only halfway through. The project was created for the express purpose of entertaining myself on long journeys but I think I’m gonna have to start sewing in front of the tv to get this one done before Christmas.


Introducing Polly


This is Polly. We got her from the RSPCA a few months ago and she’s absolutely adorable. She’s an indoor cat (she is a cat flu carrier and has a ‘wobbly back end’) but she does a good line in escapes. Our whole street got in on the drama when she managed to escape out of a third floor window.

The thing she’s cuddling in the picture below is a sock Cthulu. Sophs and Helen had a sock monkey making session and Sophs decided to bring together her two loves: crafting and science fiction. Cute huh?

Polly and Cthulu


I’ve got to the actual quilting stage of my quilt along (the same one that Sophia is doing), which is rather daunting. I’ve got a new free motion quilting food, which was rather expensive but is very fun. I’ve started a random pattern down the sashing, and it seems to look quite good. Hopefully there will be some photos up as soon as we get a cable for the camera, but for now here is a photo of my first ever piece of patchwork.

Sophs first ever patchwork

Sophs' first ever patchwork

Hello from Sophs

Hello. I’m Sophs, otherwise known as Sophie.

Sophs (the baby is not related)

Sophs (the baby is not related)

Like Sophia, I’m a jack of all things crafty, but a master of none.  I can knit, sew, quilt and do some forms of papercraft.  I’ve made 3 quilts and a jumper and various other things.  I’m not sure what else to say now.  I’m currently a teaching assistant in year 2, but will be training as a citizenship teacher next year.  We also have a cat, Polly who is absolutely wonderful and will eventually share our house with two fish tanks.